Monday, November 10, 2008

Well, I thought my girls were getting bigger......

until I discovered them sitting comfortably together in this standard-sized laundry basket also containing a sofa pillow and down blanket watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!

And I also had to share this picture that I took couple of weeks ago showing off some of their new Matilda Jane duds! They were purposefully trying NOT to smile for me.


Jen said...

Hi Dawn, Isn't it sad that we live less than 5 minutes apart and you found my blog on none other than Matilda Jane's blog!!!! I have LOVED MJ for a LONG time but finally bit the bullet and purchased some things. I knew once I started, it would be all down hill!!! I really like the dress/top that Lia has on with the big button. The girls are growing fast and are just adorable!!
Come see us! Tell AJ hello.


Casey said...

Oh, my! You got tiny girls like Em!! So adorable. Love the MJ of course!

Christie Turnbull said...

too cute!

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