Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lily's Gotcha Day #6!

It's hard to believe that 6 years ago Lily Rene Jiayan was placed in our arms at the White Rose Hotel in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China. It really does just seem like yesterday.

I cry everytime I see this photo!

Our first family photo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkins and hayrides

We took the girls to a pumpkin patch today. We went on a hayride which the girls loved and then we let them pick out pumpkins. It was a gorgeous fun-filled day today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More about the Hubei Honeys 2009 Reunion

Oh, we had such a great time last weekend in Columbus. Ten out of 12 families that we traveled with made it. That is just an incredible turn-out. We have been lucky enough that we have actually seen most of this group over the past 6 years at our adoption agency's annual reunions. But we haven't all been together like that since we were in China getting our girls. And there was one family we hadn't seen since our trip so that was awesome to get to visit with them. We had families from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. It was also so neat to be able to meet all of the new siblings. Out of our 12 original families, 7 of us went back to China for another daughter (although one of them turned out to be a brother - what a pleasant surprise!) And there are a couple of bio babies too that have joined our families! Also, a few of our families had older kiddos as well (both adopted and bio.)

So, here's how our weekend went. We drove to Columbus, Ohio on Friday. We were one of the later arriving families. So, we grabbed dinner at the hotel while the group was at the mall eating, and then went up to our room. We had a block of rooms at the hotel, so we just propped our door open so we could hear when the group got back. I had a feeling we would be able to tell when they arrived, LOL. After lots of greetings and hugs, we all went to the pool to let the kids swim. They had a blast. We finally went to bed around 11 pm which is about 3 hours later than our girls' normal bedtime.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then we all went to the Columbus Zoo. Wow, it was fantastic! We aren't used to such a spectacular zoo. It was so much fun and the weather was great. After the zoo, we went back to the hotel and had a catered pizza dinner with everyone in the hotel's meeting room. That was really nice because the adults could catch up with the kids played. We shared videos and photos from our trips.

And the next morning we had breakfast and said our good-byes. I, for one, and hoping this can be a annual thing, but we'll have to see how all of the "distance" travellers feel.

And onto the photos!!

Lia was zonked. This was when we were leaving the zoo.

The Hubei girls with their siblings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Then and now

We got together with Lily's travel group last weekend. I'll blog in more detail later. But I wanted to share these photos right away.

Guangdong, China 11/4/2003
From left to right, starting on the top:
Tea (barely getting in the shot), Lily, Kiana, Ella, Zoe
Grace, Calla, TaraKate (not at the reunion), Savannah, Lauren, Faith

Columbus, Ohio 10/10/2009
From left to right, starting at the top:
Tea, Lily, Kiana, Ella, Zoe
Grace, Calla, Savannah, Lauren, Faith

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The tooth fairy came, woohoo!

Lily finally lost her first tooth (at 6 years and 9 1/2 months). Although technically she lost 2 teeth and even more technically, she didn't lose them, I had them extracted. Her permanent tooth started to erupt behind her baby tooth so there was no way that sucker was going to fall out on it's own. And while she was numb, we just pulled the other one too since I'm 100% sure it's going to happen again.

Lily did very well for the procedure. A little nitrous oxide goes a long way. Plus she's very comfortable with staff I work with. She complained about some gum pain on the way home, but I got her a milk shake and she was good to go.

She put her teeth in a hanging pillow thingy on her door knob. And this morning I heard her exclaiming, "I'm rich, I'm rich!" The tooth fairy left her TEN $1 bills.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My girls

Just a couple of cute pics of my girls.

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