Friday, November 7, 2008

Here we go -- my first blog entry!

I'm officially blogging! Unfortunately, I'm a horrible writer, but I have been known to take a cute picture or two of our girls. I'll try to get AJ to do some witty writing for you occasionally, but for the most part, you're stuck with me and my camera.

So my first entry is not too boring, I thought I would start off sharing pictures of both girls' recent Gotcha Day anniversaries. For those not familiar with "adoption" lingo, Gotcha Day is the day each of our girls was placed on our arms. We recently celebrated Lia's 2nd Gotcha Day (August 28) and Lily's 5th (October 27).

We took Lia to Build-a-Bear (and Lily got to build one too, of course). Lia picked a monkey and dressed her in her favorite color purple.

And Lily picked a panda and dressed her in a pink princess outfit.

And for Lily's 5th Gotcha Day, we took the girls to the local indoor playground. It wasn't near as exciting as our previous celebrations but she and Lia enjoyed themselves.


Casey said...

I'm going to comment first!!!! So glad you did this b/c I want one more addiction in my life! :)

Your girls are so lovely and I look forward to watching their adventures! Casey

The Asquad said...

Luv the idea of 'Gotcha Day' celebrations!! Your girls are adorable!!

Mitra said...

I love it Dawn! And I love that she is wearing my FAVE Blue Victorian set!

Lilli's Mom said...

I LOVE it Dawn!! The girlies are so cute! We LOVE Build-A-Bear workshops! Happy blogging!

June & Lilli

~M said...

Love the blog name. The girls look so cute in their MJ building their bears. Everyone needs a Gotcha Day what a neat thing to celebrate.

Super Mommy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Happy Gotcha Day!! Looks fun!

Shannon said...

Isnt it fun!!! Your blog looks great!!

~cyndi said...

Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!! Awesome new blog!!

Christie Turnbull said...

Yea Dawn! Thanks for sharing:)

Perrin said...

Oh yea, a way to keep updated with you and your family. So happy all is well.

Casey said...

Commenting AGAIN to say I love the header! Looks so cute!


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