Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The BEST big sister ever!

This is just one of the many reasons that Lily is the BEST big sister!
Lia is going to kill me for this one day! :)


Kerry said...

Adorable photo, Dawn!

Thank you for your sweet comment. I am so happy you found us- and glad to meet another Qichun sister.

I look forward to following your family.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Kerry, Grace & Maddie

decurtis said...

Hi Dawn,

We have been checking in on your blog here and there. We love the pictures and updates. Happy Birthday, Lia! I can't believe she is three (I am sure you feel the same way!). We miss you guys.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shannon said...

That is sooooo funny!!

Casey said...

Hysterical!!! Yep... the girls are going to kill you one day... be sure to break those out at prom! :)

So funny.


Nicki said...

Hi Dawn,

This is Nicki, Dana D.'s cousin. I met you last time my kids were in for their dentist appt.'s. Anyway, I found your blog through Dana's blog and I wanted to tell you how cute this photo is! Ha! Perfect framing of the 'moment.' :)

Also, your girls are beautiful!

Jen said...

Hi Dawn,
This photo is PRICELESS!!! However, one day a certain member of your family may NOT think so!! I got your comment and I did my part to play the "tag" game.


Lilli's Mom said...

Oh my goodness this is the sweetest and funniest sister picture EVER! I love how close your girls are! What blessings they are to your family.

June & Lilli

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