Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor Doggie

First of all, let me give you a little background on how "Doggie" came to be. I always thought it was cute when kids had a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Well, when we got Lily at 10 months, she wasn't attached to anything. I tried giving her special blankies and tons of stuffed animals but she never "clicked" with any of them. Fast forward a year and a half, our dear friends from Lily's travel group came to visit us and brought Lily a stuffed dog. And "Doggie" was the chosen one. It was instant love. This truly was the first stuffed animal she "loved." I even got an "extra" one just in case something horrific happened to him. Here is a photo of the day Lily got "Doggie."
This photo cracks me up because he looks nothing like this now after years of love.

Even at 7 yrs old, Doggie is still number 1, although Lily can sleep without him if he gets misplaced every now and again (thank the Lord). Well, tonight after Daddy took the girls up to bed, I noticed "Doggie" curled up on the floor in our family room so I thought I would throw him up to Lily from the first floor (we have a 2-story entry way) to her on the 2nd floor. I was never very good at softball and this is where he landed.

Needless to say, Lily was quite upset (actually hysterical) that her "Doggie" was suspended 20 feet in the air, way out of arm's reach (and I couldn't control my tears from laughter so that didn't help the situation). Daddy ended up saving the day by poking him with a broomstick until he was free to fall to the ground and into Lily's loving arms again.
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