Monday, November 17, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus!

We took the girls for their annual sitting on Santa's lap picture. As usual, Lia was her stoic self and refused to acknowledge Santa or the photographer. Go figure! And, Lily, of course talked up a storm telling the big jolly guy every single toy she wanted for Christmas. We finally had to drag her away.


Jen said...

Hey Dawn,
Sweet, sweet picture! It must be something about the "time" when these girls came home. 99% of the time Marin is VERY stoic and will not smile. Love their MJ outfits. Are the tops from this year?

Dawn said...

Thanks, Jen. Those MJ tops are actually from last years Holiday line.

Shannon said...

What cute pictures!!! Where was that at, he is a great Santa!

Casey said...

Love those peasants!! :)

Sounds exactly like my children.... at least Lia didn't scream!! Em was scared to death last year.. should be interesting this year. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Hey its Holly.. That is a awesome santa, where was it.. and the girls look stinkin cute as usual.

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