Friday, May 1, 2009

Couple of funnies from today

I must share a couple of funny moments I captured with my camera today. I heard the girls giggling uncontrollably on the stairs, so, of course, I had to investigate. They were playing "hair salon". Lily was the stylist and Lia was the client.

And here is Lia surprising us at dinner tonight. First of all she is eating something other than dairy or a carbohydrate (it was spicy garlic chicken!). Secondly, she can use chopsticks like a champ. We have no idea how or when she picked that little skill up.


Clint and Jennifer said...

How funny with ALL those barrettes in her hair!

=) Jennifer

Casey said...

That is so cute!!! Em would have cut Liam's hair off and laughed.... HAHA!!

Jennifer said...

Too cute!!!


JinXiu said...

love the hair barettes

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