Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Graduate

Lily is officially a first grader now. I can not believe how quickly this year flew. She has grown so much academically and socially. Actually, maybe even a little bit too much socially, LOL (the girl will not stop talking!) I can't believe I was worried about how she was going to learn to read just a few months ago and now she's reading chapter books. And she just loves it. AJ got her a book light for her bedroom and she reads for a long time before falling asleep every night. She has mean parents that make her go to bed at 8pm, so this was the least we could do.

She didn't have an official graduation ceremony, but her school had a family picnic day. So, AJ, Lia and I were able to celebrate her last day of school with her.

This is her box car she made for the kindergarten race.

Run Lily run

Fun with the parachute

Potato sack race

Lia cheering her sister on

Lily with her teacher and her graduation certificate


Lilli's Mom said...

What a funfilled day! You captured some amazing shots! I love her race car!!

June & Lilli

p.s. Congrats again on the nest leggings! That was quite a score!

Super Mommy said...

Love the racing theme! Congrats Lily!

JinXiu said...

congratulations on the graduate

I love the race car. what a great day

staci and Emilee

Casey said...

Congrats K graduate!!! I hate how time flies too...

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