Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally, some warmer weather

We finally have had some decent weather here the last two weekends. These pictures are actually from last weekend. We have a couple of great parks very close to us. We're hoping to get the girls a swing set for our backyard too soon, so they can get outside even more.


Missy said...

Great pics! Isn't the weather gorgeous? Your girls are so cute :)

DawnS said...

What a couple of cuties you have here! I browsed back in your blog a bit and saw your fun trip to Chicago. I have a step-daughter that lives there - great city for visits! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Julie said...

Cute pictures! We had a nice warm day too! Your girls are adorable!

Sharon said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks so much for leaving me that sweet comment. It is so nice to 'meet' you. You ahve one fo the prettiest blogs I have ever seen. love the colors. Do you mind if I put your link in my favorites?
Hope to be back over ehre very soon,'

M3 said...

Great pictures! You've got a climber like our girls. They've never met a piece of playground equipment they couldn't scale. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!
From Denise (Janelle's mom). Is that Washington Township Park in Avon? We were just there a few days ago with our girls too. LOVE THAT PARK. Janelle is due for a dental check-up at your office next month. I'll be bringing in little Kara too. She's a firecracker. Keeps me running for sure. Hope to see you then.
Denise M

Super Mommy said...

Looks like a great time! Love Lily as the captin of the the ship! ;0)

Jennifer said...

Isn't it great to finally get outside and let them play. I am loving the warm weather.


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