Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Dada!

Not only is today Cinco de Mayo, but it's also AJ's (aka Aaron, aka Dada) birthday!! We celebrated it last weekend with some amazing sushi with AJ's parents, and a delicious cake made by AJ's mom.

Lovin' the sushi boat (Lily thought we were going to be able to bring it home, LOL)

And I interrupt this birthday celebration with a plea of help. I'm obviously having some exposure issues with my new lens. Can any of you photogs out there help me? These were taken on auto and my flash did go off. I can give you more info if you need it.

Happy Birthday!! We love you!

Your 3 girls!


Super Mommy said...

Happy Birthday AJ! I would've loved some of that sushi - I'm with Lily - take the boat (they probably have plenty)!

No help for the lens sista - sorry! Only advice - quit shooting in Auto!! hehehe

Casey said...

Happy Birthday AJ!! Looks like your girls are taking over your cake :)

Clint and Jennifer said...

Very cool sushi boat- I would want to take it home too!
Happy Birthday to your hubby. Your girls are so adorable.

Just got my own DSLR and am still learning myself. ;) Good luck with it.


Lilli's Mom said...

Happy belated birthday!! I know it had to be a good one! How could it not with that yummy Sushi Boat!!!

June & Lilli

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