Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Finally, the girls were able to go outside last weekend and do some "tree planting" -- aka sticking tree branches in the ground and watering them. I'm going to let Dada explain to them why their trees aren't growing. :)


Jen said...

Hi Dawn,
The girls get more adorable each time I see a picture! Let me know how it goes in a few months when the tree's aren't growing!! lol
Thanks for the sweet words about Meisyn. We are excited and can't wait to go bring her home.

Super Mommy said...

How cute is that? At least they have the concept down!

Casey said...

Aw!! Give those girls some seeds!! HAHA!!

Jennifer said...

How cute are your girls planting there trees!! Love it!


Traci said...

Don't worry, I'm going to bring summer home with me next week. Tell the girls to hang on!

They are adorable, Dawn!


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