Monday, March 9, 2009

No fingers = no sleep!

Since my poor baby gave up her fingers, she is having the hardest time going to sleep at night (daylight savings time doesn't help either). I feel so bad for her and am almost ready to take off the band-aid and tell her to have at it. I promise, I won't. I know she will get through this, but it breaks my heart that she HAS to grow up.

How incredibly cute is this (taken right after she came home in Oct 2006)???


Travis and Tina at TSOY said...

Poor baby.......
What an adorable photo!

I'm stuck right there with her having the hardest time going to sleep...this daylight saving time is the pits!

I feel so bad for her. Our little Tabi I know had a special little rag that she sucked on before we met. Of course she didn't come with it and we couldn't get her to use anything else, so instead of weaning her off now, it was done sure made it rough then, but I am thinking this would be harder...I remember the pacifer that TaraKate loved :o)

Wishing Lia a restful night.....

PS -- I actually sucked two fingers myself when I was mom weaned me off by taking away my doll that I also held while sucking my fingers....I still love her anyway :o)


Casey said...

Sweet baby!!! I almost want to cry for her!!

It's good the bandaids work!! I would have thought she'd suck them too. She'll get through it and be able to comfort herself in other ways. It stinks getting older though....

Em sucks her fingers too but she doesn't really put them in her mouth. She kind of does a kissing motion and moves her fingers over her lips. David calls her doctor evil b/c there are times when it looks like him from the movie!!

Traci said...


Can you give us an update on how things are going with the bandaids/fingers? I'm so curious as to how she's doing.

Thinking of you,

Traci Smith

JinXiu said...

poor baby
it will be over soon

but that is the sweetest picture

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