Saturday, March 7, 2009


Why is there a band-aid you ask? Because this simple little first-aid item may have broken Lia of her 3 and a half year long finger-sucking habit! She has not sucked her fingers for 2 night sleeps and 2 naps! And all we had to do was put a band-aid (Barbie, of course) around one of her preferred fingers. She does not want to get it wet, so she won't put it in her mouth. I'm definitely not counting my chickens yet, because she may relapse, but if this is all it takes, I will be beyond thrilled!

I've continually promised her that once she has stopped sucking her fingers, I would paint her nails. So, she got her first manicure yesterday. She was a little grumpy in the picture because she only wanted her fingernails in the shot. So, she refused to smile.

And today, my mom (Memaw) and I took the girls to the local school carnival. They had fun playing the games and walking around. Here are a couple of pics from the festivities. Sorry, this first one is blurry, but check out that arm!

Eww, I really should figure out how to crop part of the background out of this next pic. Sorry. ;)

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Super Mommy said...

Yay Lia, wtg!! I'm sure she really loved the manie - just not you taking a picture of it! ;0)

Maybe Lia is going to be a pitcher??

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