Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love me some piggies

If you ever start feeling like your daughter is getting too old, just throw some piggies in her hair. And, VOILA, it takes a good year or two off! I wonder if that would work for me. :)


my3 kids said...

Awe how adorable is so cute!

Casey said...

What a sweetie!! Love those pigtails!!

Jennifer said...

Love the pigtails! Katie is starting to give me a hard time about putting her hair in pigtails. Sigh.


Tracy said...

That's funny... Your Lia and my Muriel are about the same age (and same SWI) and I put piggies in Muriel's hair to make her look older. Muriel has such a baby face and has thin fine hair that that she looks so young!

Your girls are darling and love the MJC!

Super Mommy said...

Cute - I didn't think Lia's hair was long enough for piggies! ;0)

Natalie said...

She looks so stinking cute! I love piggies but my daughters' hair breaks from the bands.
Too cute!

I am going to add you on my sidebar as a Yangxi family!

Clint and Jennifer said...

Ha ha! That is too cute! My hair is too short to try it now, but I like the concept. I'll be forty in a few months, so I think I need some piggies to turn the clock back. ;)
Your blog is adorable, as are your girls! I can't wait to check it out more. Thanks for stopping by mine... I love to keep up with my Yangxi families.

=) Jennifer

Traci said...

I agree. When I'm missing my "baby" I put her in piggies. Love them. Works for my big girl too. :)


Donna said...

So true! I did this yesterday with my little Madeline and you're right -- my big girl was instantly transformed into my baby girl again!

Too bad this trick doesn't knock a bunch of years off of ME!


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