Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One week from today...

We'll be hangin' with the Mouse! This will be the girls' first trip to Disney World. I haven't been in 20 or so years. Actually, I think Epcot had just opened the last time I went. And AJ has never been. I can't get over how much planning is involved. We have our meals scheduled with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh and of course the Princesses. Gotta get packing. Stay tuned for updates from the Happiest Place on Earth!!


Kerry said...

Have a wonderful time Dawn! Your kiddos will love it.

We go at the end of December, our little Maddie's (also from Qichun!)
first time. Can't wait to see her with Mickey.

Cheri and Shane said...

Hi. My name is Cheri. My husband and I adopted our beautiful little girl, Hope, from Yangxi last December. I noticed your message on the Yahoo group about wanting to view other blogs. I have a blog set up (it's private) but if you email me, I will be happy to send you an invite. My email address is cherihy@yahoo.com

By the way, your daughters are beautiful!! :)

Michelle said...

Hi. Saw your blog on the Qichun group. I have a Qichun cutie, too. Your girls are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!!! We went the last 2 years and Katie LOVED it.

Can't wait to see pictures!


Lilli's Mom said...

Oh my goodness how we LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney!! I cannot wait to see your gorgeous girls faces! They are going to have such an incredible time. Everything is still so wonderfully magical to them! Have fun and take LOTS of pictures!!

June & Lilli

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