Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last day at Disney -- Breakfast with the Princesses!

Today was our last day at Disney and we definitely saved the best for last. We had a wonderful breakfast with the Disney princesses at the Akershus Storybook dining at Epcot before we headed home. The food was great (although, how can you really screw up scrambled eggs, LOL??) and the girls were in such awe of all of the princesses and their beauty and kindness.


Missy said...

These are just priceless! The girls look so beautiful in their princess dresses. I especially love the mulan pics...sooo sweet!

Lilli's Mom said...

Your Princesses look absolutely REGAL!! I LOVE their dresses and their expression! What a perfect ending to a magical experience!

June & Lilli

Natalie said...

You were lucky! We didn't see Jasmine or Snow White at all. The girls look so radiant. You are amazing too. Blogging and doing the parks thing. WOW! I can't wait to see your other pics.

Jennifer said...

Love all the princess pictures. We went to that same breakfast last year and Katie LOVED it!


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