Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disney Diary Day 1

We made it to Disney World. We are pooped and it's only 8:00 pm. The girls are already zonked out. We had an incredibly easy trip here. The new Indy airport was awesome and very efficient. Our flight here was just as wonderful and our Disney transportation to our resort was quick and painless as well. Our resort, Pop Century is really cool. It's one of the value resorts so the rooms aren't extravagant at all, but the grounds, lobby and food court are very nice and clean. This seems to be the perfect place for our first trip to Disney.

As tired as the girls were all day (we got them up at 4:30 AM!!), they were still pretty good (a little whiny, but not bad). They kept busy snacking and coloring on the airplane. Once we got here and settled in to our room, we tried to get Lia to take a nap, but that was not happening, so we just decided to head to our first WDW park -- Epcot! We took things slow with a very non-threatening ride for our first one -- Nemo (we actually rode in clam shells, LOL!) and the girls seemed to really like it. We did a few more simple rides/shows just to get the girls acclimated to the Disney attractions. Then, I really thought we blew it. We did the Imagination ride with Figment (which I looooved as a child), well, it has changed and there was one VERY STARTLING part that scared the crap out of me and unfortunately, Lily. She was scared to death, and started crying hysterically as soon as we got off the ride. I was afraid we had lost her for the rest of the trip. But, after a little pep talk that a little scariness can be fun, we think we got her back and she may go on some more rides!
We enjoyed touring the China section at Epcot and got to see an amazing Chinese acrobatic show. We had dinner at the Nine Dragons restaurant there and it was so-so (great ambiance, but not so great food). After dinner we headed back to our resort for a quick swim in the kiddie pool. It was too cool for mama and dada, but the girls had a blast.
One of our resort pools

The girls catching water drops at Epcot

The girls and Mama at Epcot

The girls at the Temple of Heaven :)

Chinese acrobats -- WOW!

Dada, Buddha and girls

Evening dip in the pool


Shannon said...

It looks awful nice and you have shorts on!!!! The girls are sure having fun it looks like!
Have Fun!!!!

Lilli's Mom said...

YAY!! A Disney update! I'm so glad you arrived safely with your jewels! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney and are thrilled to be tagging along! The girls look darling in the matching MJ! I'm glad Lily recovered quickly from the Figment scare. Don't feel too badly. I made the same mistake. Thank goodness we were able to laugh it off!

June & Lilli

Traci said...

Thanks for inviting us along! It's good to see pics of your family.

Have fun in Disney!

Traci, Scott, Jade, Valerie & Kevin

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