Saturday, August 22, 2009

Super Soccer Saturday

Seriously, it was super! We actually got participation out of Lia this year. Woo hoo! This is Lily's 3rd year playing soccer with our local YMCA program and we tried to sign Lia up last year but she wanted nothing to do with it. We gave up after 2 sessions. But, our girl has grown up and really enjoyed herself today. Although, I think the motivating factor was the team snack and drink at the end of practice. We were so happy!

Lily did wonderful as well except when the coach tried to get her to "head" the ball. He tossed it gently to her and she covered up her head with both hands and dropped to her knees. It was hysterical!

Check out that stride!


Holly said...

yea!! Lia! Good job girls!

Shannon said...

Good job Lia, and I dont blame Lily one bit, I'd do it to!

Casey said...

Aw. That is so me. The covering of the head.... why would anyone want to hit a ball with their head?? haha!!

They look adorable.

Em is SO ready for soccer. She is going to join next spring. Should be interesting.

Super Mommy said...

She looks like a pro - WTG Lia AND Lily!!

Jasmine wants to play soccer, but I'm not sure I can commit to the practice schedule of 2x a week (and I don't know which days, times, etc).

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