Monday, February 2, 2009

Hard habit to break

From one of the first photos that we saw of Lia in China, we knew we had a finger sucker coming home with us.

Luckily, her big sister, Lily, never had any finger, thumb or pacifier habit. Although we did try to force a pacifier on her after our meeting in China simply because we were dreading that 14 hour flight home with a 10 month old. She really didn't take to one and simply didn't need one even on that dreadfully long flight.

Honestly though, it gave me a little peace when I found out that Lia did suck her fingers in her referral information. I was happy to know that she at least had her little fingers to pacify her while laying in her crib waiting for us to come get her.
Now, at almost 3.5 yrs old, I know it's becoming a problem. Although she really has decreased the frequency in which she sucks her fingers, her sleep time equals finger sucking time in her mind. She does know that we don't want her to suck her fingers. But she continues to ask me in her sweet little voice when I put her to bed, "It's okay I suck my fingers just a little?" And I have to look at this....
So, my answer is, "Yes, but just a LITTLE." Luckily, I work for a pediatric dentist, so I should have a discount in her "for sure needed orthodontic treatment" in the future.


Jen said...

Oh Dawn, Lia gets prettier everytime I see her!! Doesn't the pic from China bring back a strong wave of emotions!!! It's hard to believe that we've been home with the girls now 2.5 years!!

JinXiu said...

These pictures made me laugh.

My daughter was also a finger sucker. the middle two. When I first received her refferal picture, there she was sucking her fingers. It was so bad that when i got her she didnt have fingernails and her poor hands were infected. My doctor told me to leave it alone. When she was 18 months she has coxockie ( did I spell that right) and her mouth hurt so bad that she stopped sucking her fingers. She still does it when she is scared or unsure of the situation. Kind of a security blanket.

Your daughter is so beautiful. It makes it even cuter


Shannon said...

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday that you brought her home! I think I would tell her "yes" also. You have been blessed with 2 very beautiful girls!

Traci said...

Man, it sure is cute! My niece, who is 19 now, sucked her middle two fingers until 4. I think limiting it to bed is a good plan, but that's just my thought, and really, what do I know?

You're a good Mom with great kids.


Missy said...

Finger sucker or not, she is simply precious!

D said...

Hi PS! :)
Oh, Emma sucks those same 2 fingers... drives me crazy!
She gets a rash on her cheeks in the winter time every year from sucking them.
Hoping it will be a phase for both of them! Yes, how could you say 'no' to that sweet face!

Super Mommy said...

Breaking up is so hard to do! She will give up sucking those fingers eventually Dawn, but in her own time!

Jennifer said...

Katie is still sucking her thumb and will be 4 in a month. I don't think she will stop anytime soon. She loves her thumb.

It is a hard habit to break.


Super Mommy said...

Gave you an award girlie - now update your blog ;0)

Natalie said...

She is so adorable. I don't know what picture I like the best!


sumer said...

With that sweet face, there's no way you could tell her no. O does the same thing at bedtime. Dr. T. said I shouldn't force him to quit. He's going to be FIVE!

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