Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few more Disney photos

During our trip to Disney in December, we had the Disney photographers take some pictures for us with their Disney Photopass service. We were lucky enough to find some other folks to split the cost of the CD with. It was fun because you can add cute little frames and captions to your pics (I know some of them are corny, but it was fun.) We finally got ours in the mail, so I thought I would share a few with you.

See Tinkerbell in their hands!

Check out my award-winning expression of surprise in my face when we saw Stitch. I'm thinking that is Oscar-worthy!

Do you see how excited Lia was to see him???


Jennifer said...

Love the photos!!!!

I love Disney!


Jen said...

Awesome pics Dawn!! I LOVE the look on the girls faces in these photos. Your's and AJ's too, of course!!

It truly IS the most Magical place on earth.


Traci said...

How fun! Jaden loves Tinker Bell.

Natalie said...

Hi Dawn. I love the pictures. We still haven't gotten our CD yet. I guess it's like 5 CD's. LOL. I'll have to tell the you the story at some point and we too had someone to share the cost with. It's so worth it!!! I love all the pictures. They're great! AND... I love your daughters dresses. so cute! What beautiful Disney Princesses...

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