Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What stinks?

Seriously, this stunk. Lily received this odoriferous gift from her Uncle Scott and Aunt Kelli (don't forget about paybacks, guys!) Actually, it was a cute little kit. Lily was able to make her own perfume. There were recipes she had to follow. The ingredients included lily of the valley, peppermint, heliotrope, jasmine and apple. She was supposed to add a certain number of drops from a pipette of different scents to create a "special" fragrance. Of course, she had to sample the fragrances when she was finished making them with a couple of dabs on her neck and wrist. Holy moly, she reeked! I couldn't wait for bath time. Nevertheless, she and Dada had a great time doing it.

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Kerry said...

What a fun gift for Lily. I can imagine that she made up some interestingly stinky concoctions. Boy- oh so fun! Maybe she'll have her own scent one day.

This week we are celebrating our first year home with our Qichun baby and her Qichun China sisters! Your Lily is adorable (both Lia and Lily are)! Wondering if Lily is spunky too.

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