Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing Queens

Yep, the girls started dance lessons tonight. Lily has taken 2 sessions with this same dance studio over the last couple of years, but this was Lia's first time. Needless to say, we were a little worried. We tried YMCA soccer in the fall with Lia, and that was a no-go for her. She refused to do ANYTHING, unless we were holding her hand. So, we gave up on that soon after it started.

Well, at least there was no kicking or screaming. Lia willingly (actually, excitedly) went into the dance studio and even posed for some pics for me. But, she was just not into doing what everyone else was doing. We could see her from a window. The teachers tried to engage her, but she is sooooo stubborn and just kept putting her fingers in her mouth and hanging out. At least she wasn't nasty or anything. They did get her to do a few things, so overall, we are happy with the first session. And then, when she came out, she came running to us saying, "That was so much fun!" She could've fooled us. We think she'll get into soon. We're not giving up yet, LOL!

Lily loved it. She's such a pro now.


Missy said...

Beautiful little dancers!!! We are a dance family, so I say "STICK WITH IT" : )

Super Mommy said...

Lia and Lily look so cute! Sounds like it wasn't a total bust if she said SHE LIKED it!! She sounds like she needs a little time to warm up to new places/people. Do you have any of those dance DVDs? Maybe if she knew some basic moves she would jump in!

Shannon said...

Its about time you posted, you slacker! The girls look so cute in there dance outfits! I miss you lots! Hopefully I'll be back to work soon!

Donna said...

They look so cute in their dance togs! Hope they end up liking it a lot...we tried ballet and it was a "no-go" for Emma!

Jennifer said...

They look so cute in there dance outfits!!!


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