Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa pics throughout the years

We take the girls to the same mall every year for their Santa photos. They always have the best Santa there. And I swear it's been the same Santa for the last 4 years. Check him out!

Lily (with Mommy and Daddy) in 2004 (we got her in 2003, but didn't torture her that first year like we did here)

A step closer for Lily in 2005

Lily, the brave big sister and Lia who was just not sure in 2006

Lily is finally quite comfy and Lia is NOT in 2007

Lily and Lia, both fairly content in 2008

They actually were both very excited in 2009 (just not a great shot of either girl)


Super Mommy said...

I love it...I wish I was that organized with my photos!!

Holly said...

That was so much fun! seeing them thru the years, So cute!

Denise Macler said...

Love the photos! That IS the real Santa I am sure...which mall is it? Your girls always are so adorable.

Denise M
ps-dentist appt next month! hope to see you there.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love looking at pictures from years past!! cute.

Casey said...

Love those past shots!! It's so much fun to see how they have changed!!

Liam wouldn't go near a Santa for a good five years. LOL. Em took a year or two but now she loves him :)

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